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Company secretarial work

The company secretarial function for any business is often seen as an arduous task and is normally overseen by a family member or senior employee as Company Secretary. This can meet with issues as the designated Company Secretary may not have a full understanding of the duties they are required to undertake.

Where do we come in?

With our in-house expertise, we can ensure that statutory deadlines are met; we will handle all your statutory obligations including the filing of accounts, annual returns as well as changes of directors and secretaries.  

Our company secretarial services

• Company formations

• Preparation and electronic filing of statutory returns

• Preparation of all documentation related to minutes and resolutions

• Maintenance and storage of statutory books.


Dealing with the paperwork

As part of the service, we are able to manage all the paperwork required for the payment of dividends and dealing with share transfers.


Call the professionals for company secretarial duties

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Company secretarial work